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Your customer is a patient. Their health and service experience is priority. However, the responsibility of the healthcare provider doesn’t stop there. Insuring that patient data is secure and meeting all of the compliance requirements is an integral part of the healthcare delivery. With AnalytiX you have the power to collect all of your data to insure compliance, weed out anomalies and insure optimal systems performance.

Unleash All of Your Data

Your doctors don’t treat patients for one symptom without gathering all of the facts and determining the root cause to diagnose. So why would you analyze your data for performance and compliance by only using partial data sources. With AnalytiX you can unleash all of your data so you can be sure that all audit and compliance requirements are being met while also insuring that your critical systems and infrastructure are always online and in great health.

One Lens

With AnalytiX you have one platform to collect, correlate, audit, report, dashboard and alert on all data elements within the healthcare infrastructure.

Critical Insights

Whether it is suspicious application activity, EHR access violations or on demand audit reports and dashboards, AnalytiX collects all of this data provides critical information on how your healthcare operation is performing.

  • Appointment Confirmations

  • Resource Management

  • Outcomes

  • Patient Return Rate

  • EHR Access Reporting

Derive Value

Within Healthcare the patient care business depends on many elements to be successful. Use all the data from your infrastructure and let AnalytiX correlate, extract, analyze, secure and provide valuable insight into your environment.

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