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Optimizing cost while delivering on your service is always a tricky mix in the transportation business. Understanding the complete picture from telemetry to contact center performance helps insure that you deliver your customers a world-class experience. With AnalytiX you can use all of your data to correlate the multiple systems, channels and communications your customers use to acquire your services as well as to rate them. This cross channel correlation drives real business value for your enterprise while delivering optimal value experiences to your customer.

Unleash All of Your Data

Your customer doesn’t consider partial delivery a success and a good experience when contracting your services. So why would you analyze your business by only using partial data sources. With AnalytiX you can unleash all of your data so you can model a customer journey, provide real intelligence on service experience and insure that your infrastructure performance is at optimum so you are able to provide the best service experience while optimizing the delivery costs.

One Lens

With AnalytiX you can have one view of your service delivery and operational performance along with a measure of how you perform for your customer.

Critical Insights

Whether it is delivery statistics, call volume measures, contact center performance, suspicious application activity or on demand reports and dashboards, AnalytiX collects all of the required data to provide critical information on how your operation is performing.

  • On-Time Performance

  • Asset Utilization

  • Work Force Utilization

  • High Profile Access

  • Network Performance

Derive Value

Your business depends on many elements to be successful. Use all the data from your operations and let AnalytiX correlate, extract, analyze, secure and provide valuable insight into your business performance.

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