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Data Analytics is changing the way we think, operate and run our businesses. The "digital breadcrumbs" that applications and customers leave behind are turning into actionable data that we can correlate, trend and even predict on. Welcome to a new age of data analytics. Welcome to AnalytiX.

Unleash All of Your Data

Don’t be penalized by expensive tools that are volume based. Use all of your data to gain a complete view of your business and infrastructure performance.

Any Data Format

Structured or Unstructured….streaming data, syslogs, flow, proxy logs, identity logs, onboarded data and plenty more.


All data is instantly indexed and protected with our proprietary methods and technology giving you assurance that all compliance requirements are met.

At Collection

Multi-level and cross platform correlation is a must to insure that you have accurate notifications, distilled and relevant data, immediate alerting and automated capture of any events within your business.

At Analysis

Combining an additional level of correlation at the point of data analysis allows for a powerful level of detail on all events or anomalies occurring within your enterprise. This sets up automated event detection, isolation and remediation that is accurate and responsive.

Multiple Data Points

Our unique search extractions enables information to be pulled from multiple data sources that are critical to your business operations. This data is then populated to a dashboard, report or extracted for further analysis. As an example: extracting identity information combined with application access details combined with flow data on the network enables specific insider threat intelligence that is gleaned from otherwise unwieldy data volumes and formats.

Ecosystem Integration

All of the data that results from our search extractions are placed into a SOA container where access can be provided to other tools through our REST API. A good example is combining insider threat data with an IT Operations Dashboard to see the IT performance characteristics superimposed with the internal threat information.

The Ultimate in Flexibility

All data extractions automatically create a report template that can be utilized or customized to meet any requirements. Additionally unique reports templates and charts are combined into workbooks that enable reports to be a powerful combination of detailed data on the business, charts reflecting that comparison and canned material such as data explanations, headers, logos and titles.

Ad-Hoc and Scheduled

The report automation engine allows all reports to be either accessed as needed or to be scheduled and delivered by email on a regular basis to as many recipients as needed. Compliance reporting and auditing (PCI, HIPPA, etc) have never been easier.

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