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In today’s business environment success is tied to responsiveness while competitors and malicious intruders are constantly trying to knock you down. Simply monitoring your network to evaluate faults is no longer enough. Today’s networks are much more complicated with premise infrastructure connected to cloud infrastructure and all facets of communication and machine data traversing them. The best way to protect your business is to develop an overall performance strategy and posture for your network and then manage that strategy as an integrated part of asset performance and security protection.

AnalytiX for Network Performance unleashes all of your data under a single architecture, correlated against performance thresholds and analyzed to determine anomalistic behavior. Combine this with our capability to automate remediation steps and incorporate detailed dashboards and reports then you have a holistic approach to insuring your network constantly performs to its maximum.

Unified Collection

AnalytiX incorporates the ability to collect all data (Log, Flow, RTCP, SNMP, etc) and index it under a single architecture. It’s powerful correlation engine can then extract, correlate and take actions on multiple points within the network thus looking at overall performance versus a single device or point on the network.


All correlation, actions and trending measurements are incorporated into flexible policies to allow the ultimate in flexibility for managing performance of all aspects of the network. This powerful function minimizes duplicate or false positive events that continuously hassle your staff and facilitates rapid resolution of any issues that arise.


Utilizing this powerful search function, it is easy to produce specific search queries that will extract just the data needed. That data then is brought into the dashboard utility where it can be graphed, tabled, or analyzed for performance and functionality. Every search query is automatically saved into a format that produces dashboards and reports.

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