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Gone are the days of simply having a security defense plan and architecture. Today that has to be fortified with robust policies but also a technology posture of “Detect and Respond”. With the shear amount of attack vectors exponentially multiplying as business technology and interconnectivity requirements expand, Enterprise organizations have to acknowledge that they can’t prevent all security events from happening. As a result a robust detection and response strategy has to be in place. The primary enabler of this type of proactive cybersecurity strategy is “Intelligence”.

AnalytiX for Security Intelligence collects the relevant data across your Enterprise and performs detailed analysis to baseline your environment and determine anomalous activity. You can quickly zero in on behaviors that are indicative of a breach, malware infections or suspicious rogue employee activity. The key is to unleash all of your data to allow a continuous and complete view of your organization.

Behavior Profiling (Ex: Fraud Detection/Privilege Account Abuse/Malware Detection)

Human behavior is inherently difficult to predict. Insider Threat detection and response has to be a critical part of your overall security strategy. Unleash all of the data from all of your systems and sources so you have a complete picture and have an opportunity to successfully respond and mitigate any problems.

With AnalytiX you combine real time collection and correlation with analysis and anomaly detection. Utilize your HR systems, Personnel Database, Identity Management Systems, Firewall and Proxy Logs to profile all High Privileged Access as well as setting a baseline for all company activity. Using the advanced analysis and correlation capabilities you can quickly identify malicious activity, automatically isolate and remediate the problem. You not only maximize the time to detect and respond but you have an automatically generated audit report and dashboard. Having these available on a monthly and quarterly basis without using human capital enables your security team to be more efficient and focus their efforts on resolving issues.

Threat Intelligence

AnalytiX utilizes many sources to pull in up to date feeds of documented vulnerabilities, exploits, DNS data as well as other threats to correlate against the behavioral characteristics of your enterprise. Utilize the analytic dashboards to drill into and filter on the exact characteristics associated with an employee or systemic behavior.

Application Monitoring

The applications that run your business are essential to your success. A compromise of your security can render these useless or can allow someone to steal valuable intellectual property. Unleash all of the log data associated with your applications and their surrounding network ecosystem and utilize AnalytiX to:

- Perform advanced correlation
- Analyze how those applications are being used
- Determine how applications are being accessed and by who
- What connections are being made to and from them
- Measure overall performance

Log Management and Reporting

With AnalytiX collect and analyze all your machine data from any device, application and IT ecosystem. You can robustly index, store, secure, correlate, analyze, dashboard, report and take automated remediation actions on the log data. This is combined into a comprehensive ability to quickly search your data and produce events/alerts associated with it. Additionally all compliance requirements can be automated by producing dashboard and report templates to follow HIPPA, EHR audits, PCI and any other industry specific standards.

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